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Audit and external auditing

Certifying your financial serenity

Your financial data is the starting point for the development and evolution of your company. Today, to know your current situation and prepare the future, you wish to :

  • Ensuring the transparency of your financial communication
  • Obtaining the trust of your partners
  • Getting a reliable diagnostic of your organisation and concrete recommendations

Our vision of auditing is built on a constructive collaboration : beyond rigour, technique and independence, the auditor must also be an open and quick-to-act partner, who builds confidence.

Our vision of external auditing and auditing, at the heart of the company :

“A well-known and recognised signature, AFNOR certified independence and confidence.”

Our mission : ensuring the reliability of your financial information

Statutory audit :

  • Statutory auditing
  • Capital auditing
  • Merger auditing

Contractual audit :

  • Accounting and financial audit
  • Social audit
  • Audit of acquisition
  • Audit of in-house methods and procedures
  • Risk audit
  • Arbitration

A recognized expertise

A dedicated auditing department
3 Partners, 15 employees

More than 500
external audit mandates

3.3 billion euros of certified
turnover per year

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