10 reasons to invest in France

10 reasons to invest in France

For the 19th century, more and more foreign companies invest in France, which is an open and competitive country plenty of assets.

France is implementing lots of measures to encourage these foreign investments, which are necessary to its economy. Fort that purpose, France has simplified its administrative procedures and has set up different exemptions to attract increasingly investors.


1. A worldwilde economic power

  • 2nd major economic force in European Union
  • 6th world leader in exports of goods and 5th world leader in exports of services

2. Taxation supporting competitiveness

  • Tax Credit Research (CIR)+competitiveness and Employment Tax Credit

3. Qualified and productive workforce

  • An important propotion of young graduated people
  • France ranked third in Europe for the hourly productivity

4. Competitive costs

  • Set up and Operating Costs less higher than in other countries (Germany, USA,…)

5. R&D and Innovation : the French priorities

  • France ranked 2nd in Europe and 6th in the world for the filing of international patents.
  • It exist 71 competitive clusters which enhance competitiveness

6. A country open to international investments

  • 1st European destination for foreigner investments in industry field
  • More than 20,000 foreign companies established in France

7. High-performance connections in all over the world

  • Two important airports
  • Two important European port
  • 1st road network in Europe

8. A pleasant quality of life

  • France ranked 2nd in Europe for its quality of life
  • It also the 1st tourist destination worldwilde

9. An attractive economy in the heart of Europe

  • 2nd market in Europe
  • France= the world’s leading tourism destination

10. Investment : the heart of the growth strategy

  • A lot of projects in progress contributes to develop cities as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille,…

Orial advice international firms which want to establish a business in France by the creation of a subsidiary or the opening of a desk, with strong technical competencies, a language and common values.

In a world always evolving and going more global, Orial international department provide you a strong support to back up you development in France.

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